Hi, I am Simon.
I am a Game Developer from Belgium, currently living in the UK
and employed at SG Gaming as their Unity3D Platform Developper.

My Career up to now

First half 2014

I did a 5 month internship at Larian Studios, after graduating later that year, I did a short one month project where I made a platform for visualizing 3D printed objects containing sensors and buttons in a digital 3D enviroment.
Near the end of the project I had a succesful interview and I moved to the UK and started my professional career at Team17.

Second half 2014 - First half 2017

I worked at Team17 for 3 years further developping my skills as programmer in various different fields of game development. The main focus of this time was being a Gameplay,Console & Tools programmer using Unity3D.

Second Half 2017 - Present

After 3 years at Team17 I moved on to try my hand at something new and got employed at SG Gaming.
My job now is using my knowledge and expierence in Unity to develop a new platform for the company to be used for developping their games.


I studied Digital Arts and Entertainment and graduated with distinction at the Univeristy of Howest Kortrijk in June 2014.

My studies were focused on being a game development programmer but also included 3D modeling, Level design and Tool development.

In August 2013 I went abroad on an 4 month Erasmus Study in Finland. This is a European Student Exchange program where you go abroad to study at another university that offers a course closely related to your degree course.
In Findland I studied at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, where the focus was on development of Mobile Games and Engine Programming.