Divinity Original Sin

Larian Studios

Code Enviroment
Visual Studio 2008

In-House Engine

Code Language

Internship Duration
5 months (13 January 2014 - 13 June 2014)

Intern Gameplay Programmer

Project details
Larian Studios succesfully kickstarted title in the Divinity Series. Divnity Original Sin is an Isometric Turnbase-Combat 3th person RPG.

Personal Contributions

  • Fixing and Creating Ingame Debug/Testing widgets
  • Creating Projectile and Damage/range visualization (Core Gameplay)
  • Combat Log UI (Tracking every ingame action) (Core Gameplay)
  • Skill Limitation and Unlearning System (Core Gameplay)
  • Achievement System
  • Secrets System
  • Journal Recipes System
  • Skillbar Presets
  • Surface Sound System
  • Other Gameplay Feature alterations and aditions
  • Bugfixing

Launch Trailer

Screenshots (click to enlarge)