Seizure Point

Howest Kortrijk - West Flanders

Code Enviroment


Code Language

Project details
This was a gamejam project of 4 people (2 coders and 2 artists).
This project had as theme 'the life of a DAE student'.
The game is a funny representation of the growing presure on a student if he doesn't take care of problems soon enough.

Personal Contributions

  • GUI
  • HUD
  • Pickups + Pickup Spawner
  • Sprite Animation Script
  • Turret mechanics

Game Goal
Survive as long as you can.
You control a group of artist and programmers that each have their own special ability to take care of monsters.
You can shift in how many of each you have and activate abilities at the cost of your group "inspiration".
Now and then a new load of students will arrive by bus for you to pick up.
Picking up power ups such as coffee, pencils or calculators will give you certain power boosts.

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